David Guo Evony

The identity of Top Games' owners is likely of interest to gamers. The company was founded by David Guo, who saw a lack of concern for the gaming industry's player experience and overall customer happiness. David wanted to make the best possible games for players. Thus he founded Top Games. All of his team's games are created with the player in mind. They work hard to make their games the best they can be and to foster vibrant, long-lasting communities around their products.

Top Games Inc., under the leadership of CEO David Guo, has developed a few of the most popular video games available on the web. You can choose from games like "Evony: The King's Return," "King's Legion," "Alliance of Glory," "Plague of Z," and many more. His dedication to technology shows in the games he creates. Additionally, the company values community involvement and feedback, which is why its websites and social media channels foster this.

The King's Return, Top Games Inc.'s inaugural title, smashed sales worldwide. There have been over 7 million downloads, and it has brought in over $100 million in income for the corporation. It costs nothing to install from Google Play or the App Store, but more content must be purchased separately. The company is also working on new games based on Guo's interest in technology. Guo's early work experience was developing media library management programs. He went on to create firewall software for use in cyber security.

David Guo is one of the founders of Top Games Inc., a prominent online gaming firm. Guo's background is in cyber security, where he worked on multimedia management and firewall software before starting the company. From then on, he focused all his efforts on the video game business. He is currently based in New York City. Check out his LinkedIn profile to learn more about his professional background.

Top Games' Evony: The King's Return was a best-seller this April. Choosing a civilization to play as was the first step, and players could use their newly acquired power to extend their realm. The game received an NYX SILVER award for its 2022 season and was included on a list of the month's top-grossing games. Top Games has earned its stellar reputation and the respect of players and the gaming community.